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Social Wifi

Are you using new technology to connect & engage
with customers? AND generate more revenue?

Your competitors are!

Does your business have an engagement challenge? What do you know about your customers and their online activity?

NGAGE converts your current guest WiFi hotspot into a comprehensive customer profile management tool enabling frictionless customer engagement. Customer social profile data provides your business meaningful insights on customer interests and activities.The valuable analytics and data supports targeting and personalization across sites, email and more.

Product Features


How can you manage what you don't know? Customer data isn't actionable unless it's accessible and secured. Obtain real-time data and insights, analyze and segment to implement with other tools in your marketing ecosystem.

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Presence Analytics

Ground-breaking presence analytics technology lets you analyze customers as you do in the online world. What's the footfall, where do they gather, how loyal are they and many more insights regardless of being connected to your WiFi network.

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WiFi Marketing

Identify and segment your audience for customized campaigns such as loyalty, repeat, birthday clubs and more.

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Video Communication

93% of marketers use video! Deliver custom messages – welcome a new customer, invite them to a special event, or ask for feedback on a new product.

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Social WiFi

Improve your social media presence which is critically important today. Our system allows you to engage and interact with customers in-venue!

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Security & Legal Compliance

Don't place your business at risk of any legal and security implications. NGAGE ensures your guest WiFi is safe, secure and protected.

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Content Filtering

What if your guest WiFi is being used to access inappropriate content? Ensure and promote family friendly WiFi access. NGAGE is a member of the National Cyber Security Alliance.

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Global and multilingual

We're utilized in over 50 countries and counting – and our software is available in 16 languages with more to come.

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Automated Calling and SMS Texting

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