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Frequently Asked Questions About Social Powered WiFi Marketing

What is NGageWiFi?

A cloud-based, secured WiFi hotspot platform system which allows customers to connect wirelessly via their social network, email or even a form. In exchange for free Wi-Fi, their information is captured and securely saved into our database. Your customers enjoy secure internet access and you can send them offers, coupons, specials, and more. It's that simple.

Is the setup easy or complicated?

Very easy. You can install NGAGE WiFi directly into your router or switch, but we'll help! We make sure everything is working to avoid any complications with your social WiFi hotspot. We'll even contact your IT support and discuss any special requirements. If you're a large venue (shopping mall, sports arena, multiple-story hotel, etc.,) it's still fairly simple but we just need to know more info.

Do I need new a new router?

No, our proprietary software is compatible with existing hardware. However, if yours isn't one of them then we'll certainly provide you with a WiFi router. The NGAGE WiFi software is one of the easiest and fastest to implement allowing you to quickly capture new "Likes" and improve engagement with guest "Posts".

What about marketing and ROI?

First of all, customers become Facebook fans while reaching their friends and increasing your visibility. ROI is based on how well you promote ROI with customers and if your campaigns keep them engaged. Our WIFI marketing platform has a full range of graphs and analytics providing you marketing insights. We review all reports and help you create effective campaigns.

Can this work with portable 3G or 4G wireless modems?

Yes! As long as your modem has ethernet ports or a USB converter to plug into. Although 3MB is adequate, we recommend an internet connection of at least 5MB down and 5MB up for a fast stable connection.

Can I sell ad space to monetize NGAGE Wi-Fi?

Definitely! This is a great way to monetize WIFI! Publish co-partner or sponsor brand marketing campaigns. nGageWiFi has designed and manages a large ad server to load specific advertisements on your hotspot network. Unlike traditional hotspots, nGageWiFi displays real-time metrics such as recency, frequency, duration and other demographics based on the Facebook Social Graph.

Can it work in multiple venues and different geographic locations?

Absolutely! It doesn't matter how many public WiFi hotspots you have or where they're geographically located. Simply install NGAGE WiFi at as many or all of your venues to create a network that allows you a broader database for targeted marketing or to cross-promote your businesses. It's like having your own, custom on-demand advertising network. There are lots of ways to generate new revenue too!

Does this work only with social media channels?

With our social WiFi marketing platform, customers can log on with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, email and even mobile phone numbers. You choose the channels and we may be adding more soon.

What if I’m out of state or in a different country?

No problem. This works ANYWHERE with a stable, high-speed internet connection. We offer multiple language versions for the log-in screen and you're assured of getting the right hardware for your country. Our Cloud Servers manage a global network of NGAGE WiFi routers from a single interface.