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Fan Clubs

Fans should get your warmest welcome! Right?

Have you ever thought you were close to someone only to discover that maybe the feeling wasn't mutual?
Do you want your Fans to feel this way?
Well you're probably making them feel this way without realizing it.
Do you want to give Fans the same benefits as everyone else who walks into your business?
Don't they deserve more?

Product Features

Trends with in-store engagement

Businesses are seeking ways to leverage social media and reduce spend on traditional marketing.

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It's EASY... really easy for customers

Aren't we forgetting the most important step here - making it easy to join? Think about any other loyal program offered and how cumbersome it was - download this, sign up here, count this...

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Redemption is even easier! And faster!

This is where most loyalty program fail - customer redemption and point-of-sale confusion. Sound familiar? Fan Clubs simplifies the process and allows for immediate implementation without having to train your staff! No integration needed - works with any POS, PC, or tablet with internet access.

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Get closer to your customers

Your social media awareness increases immediately. Get social media buzz whenever a promotion is redeemed.

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What's your Fan value?

We surveyed businesses offering Fan Clubs and 86% say they tend to visit more often. Do you know the value of your virtual Fans?

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Fan Clubs vs. Loyalty Programs

Expensive. Slow to implement. No 3rd party branding. Less Confusion. And did we say....

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Get customers hooked...

.. so they keep coming back for more. You know it's expensive to acquire new customers and more cost efficient to keep them coming back. But you have to give them reasons and appeal to them. Fan Clubs comes to the rescue!

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Real resuts.... really.

Fan Clubs works.. really. And really, really well. Here's what some of our clients have realized.

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The 3 kinds of marketers...

.. who deal with trends differently. Those who let it happen, those who make it happen, and those who wonder what happened. Which one are you?

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