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Social WiFi Marketing: Differences between a Reseller & a Partner

by Dan League
General News, Social WiFi Marketing

Rise WiFi or NGAGE WiFi?

As interest in this new marketing technology increases, we've received numerous inquiries about the differences between a social WiFi reseller, partner and distributor. Generally the differences are slight but can often be significant depending on the end-users.

For this article, we'll reference Purple WiFi who has the best in class Social WiFi platform. Purple does not work directly with end-users and relies on a vast network of partners, resellers, and distributors. Purple's software licenses are only available on an annual or multi-year basis.

While this provides the businesses seeking a social WiFi product an opportunity to 'shop the market', there are key issues for consideration related to experience, support and pricing.

Resellers, such as Rise WiFi (Better Business Together) are positioned by Purple as an 'Authorized Reseller', and receive a commission for the software licenses they sell. The rates offered to their customers should be in alignment with Purples' published retail rates (approximately $35-$40 per license) although some may take an additional markup. Resellers only sell the basic Purple WiFi offerings.

Additional services such as social marketing support, SEO, etc. can be offered by the reseller business as a package for a higher monthly fee. Resellers also charge additional fees (setup, customizing splash pages, etc.) which are services that typically should be included. Resellers may also require higher setup fees in order to off-set the annual up-front payment (minus their commission) as they are required to pay to Purple for each license sold.

Purple's Distributor program consists of leading IT companies specializing in the areas of wireless networking as well as voice and data communication technologies. Distributors such as Ingram Micro provide the wireless hardware that includes the Purple WiFi software to facilitate implementation and a value-added service to the end-user. Businesses that are in the process of planning to upgrade their public WiFi system benefit from working with Purple's Distributors.

Purple's Partner program is a hybrid of the Reseller and Distributor. A partner such as NGAGE WiFi is interested in evolving the Purple WiFi product into a more holistic marketing tool, with a suite of other available applications/services that work cohesively with the basic Wifi product. Our integrated product has a focus on providing the best customer intelligence to the business, while creating the best possible social experience to the customer.

NGAGE WiFi provides the end-users with:

  • Upgrades to the Purple WiFi platform which include Video Email, Automated Calling, SMS Texting, and Fan Clubs (Facebook loyalty marketing)
  • A detailed business plan to effectively integrate with existing marketing channels
  • A larger network of technicians & external partners to include Ruckus, Open Mesh, Linksys and Verizon Wireless
  • Southern California based support team available by email and voice (M-Sat, 8-5p). NGAGE support includes technical and marketing related assistance
  • LOWER pricing than ANY reseller
  • 2 FREE months for annual agreements
  • Flexible billing terms

So, your business has a few purchasing options to consider. Keep in mind that this is a digital software product that can be monitored remotely so it's not necessary to utilize a local reseller.

If you're interested in a feature rich total marketing solution at the lowest available pricing, then a Purple Partner such as NGAGE WiFi is available and can be reached by email or phone. It's also likely that we have a representative may be available in your area too!