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Stay Connected with Social WiFi Marketing!

by Dan League
Social Media, Social WiFi Marketing, Technology

The World Wide Web has enabled businesses to develop deeper relationships with their customers. Offering a free Wi-Fi hotspot is a good start. But how do you translate that into increased profits?

Secured guest Wi-Fi hotspot software enables you to better manage your customer's online connections. The next generation of social Wi-Fi marketing has been enabled with the nGage Wi-Fi hotspot software. Wi-Fi marketing allows you to learn more about your customers, increase your own popularity and offer discounts, coupons and special offers.

Always Connected with nGage Wi-Fi

Social media is the rage. But with any business opportunity, you must find a way to tap into it to create monetary value. Wi-Fi marketing involves discovering what the customer wants.

People want to stay connected to family, friends and businesses 24/7/365. They will visit your business and spend more time there if you offer the best social media Wi-Fi connections.

Free Wi-Fi Offers Piggy Back Marketing

The tried-and-true model of free television offers customers something free in exchange for marketing. Customers can use your guest Wi-Fi hotspot while giving you valuable information using the nGage software.

Achieving the increased value by using nGage software is relatively easy:

  1. Setup nGage Wi-Fi router for your business
  2. Customers will "like" or "follow" you to get free Wi-Fi
  3. Business displays special offers, coupons and discounts, and
  4. Business creates deeper customer relationship

There is no need to purchase special hardware, this Wife hotspot software works on the equipment you already own.

Enabling Deeper Social Media Connections

With the nGage software enabled, your business can collect basic personal information and clients surfing habits to get an idea of the products and services they are most interested in. Your loyalty marketing will be more tailored to exactly what they want.

Running charts and analytics will help you better understand all facets of your customer's personality. As you build up a closer relationship with your customer, he or she will trust you even more. This can eventually lead to increased profits as you use your nGage Wi-Fi hotspot software to offer real superior value.

Translate Social Media WiFi Into Profits

Social media is a hotspot. With Wi-Fi social media software you can increase your knowledge about what your customers value. A good business stays a step ahead of the competition. Added value can lead to higher profits due to a deeper customer relationship.

Do you prefer to convert your guest WiFi into an ultimate marketing tool or simply a FREE amenity?

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