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Make More Money with Successful Wi-Fi Marketing!

by Dan League
Social Media, Social WiFi Marketing, Technology

Successful entrepreneurs offer products and services that their customers want. Businesses have realized the value of offering a guest Wi-Fi hotspot for those who might want to surf the net during lunch. But how can companies increase their profits while customers surf the Web?

Just as social media has created hotpots, like Facebook or Twitter, free Wi-Fi can make your business a hotspot. With nGage secured guest Wi-Fi hotspot software, you can increase your traffic, learn more about your clients and create valuable up-sell opportunities to make more money. The information you gather will allow you to create the best customer experience.

Social Media Offers Closer Collaboration
How many customers ask, "Do you have free Internet?" Already, this is a brand identifier enabling you to offer a clear difference from the competition. Successful Wi-Fi marketing takes the demand for free Internet connections and adds the functionality of increased data collection.

Next, you want to leverage the fact that your customer is using your free Internet to make money. Sure, you have increased sales due to the customer's presence, but is there anything else you can do? How about social Wi-Fi marketing? What if your customers increased your business popularity on social media while using your free Wi-Fi hotspot? You can achieve this goal with nGage Wi-Fi hotspot software.

Like or Follow for Free Internet
Using the hardware equipment you already use, nGage software can provide another layer of analytics enabling you to better understand your customers Web surfing patterns. Provide nGage with your unique MAC address to get your nGage secured guest Wi-Fi hotspot software set up.

When your customers want to use your free Internet, they will be prompted to "like" your company on Facebook or "follow" you on Twitter. Right there, you increase your presence, popularity and potential for profits. Next, you collect information on the customer personality and surfing patterns to deepen the customer's service, support and relationship.

Just as "Geo-location" uses information collected on someone's location to offer ads for that area, your social Wi-Fi marketing allows you to "specifically target ads to each customer." Your loyalty marketing can reward customers based on this valuable information.

Leverage Free Wi-Fi for Profits
Improve your Wi-Fi marketing with better tools. You can analyze the collected data in the nGage software system to find prime up-sell opportunities. Make more money with this superior social media Wi-Fi marketing software.